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Many German companies enjoy a high degree of automation and digitalization of their production processes. However, digital solutions outside of the production area are often still in the early stages of development. Groundbreaking digital solutions already exist on the market, but decision-makers frequently lack the experience on how to integrate them into daily operations.

This become sparticularly visible in China, where people are used to an ever-increasing number of online, mobile and automated services in day-to-day operations. Many companies outside the IT sector cannot keep pace with this development in the working environment. They run the risk of being regarded as less attractive employers. Even worse, they might lose their competitive edge in China, because they require internal know-how and processes to understand and develop digital business models or services.

P-Cation and CPC

To overcome this gap, .CPC and P-CATION created a joint product to help Chinese companies to stay competitive. In a workshop series on digital transformation, which took place in Shanghai, Taicang, Tianjin and Beijing between February 25 and March 1, 2019, .CPC and P-CATION introduced their innovative solutions. More than 50 business owners and managers of China-based German companies were able to experience agile digital transformation up-close.

.CPC and P-CATION deliver digital transformation solutions that fit customers’ individual needs. Both companies complement each other when it comes to developing and implementing digital solutions for a fast, visible and sustainable impact in medium-sized and multi-national companies.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

The joint approach particularly aims at supporting companies to identify and develop their individual digital solutions by

  • digitalizing and improving existing processes (‘Smart Processes’) or programs, instead of adjusting them to a standardized software,
  • leveraging company data to create added value, e.g. to get ‘Smart Data’ or develop ‘Smart Services’, and
  • facilitating digitalization projects, e. g. to increase quality, react faster to internal or external demands and to reduce the risk of project failure.

Benefits offered by P-CATION

Benefits offered by P-CATION

P-CATION developed a unique enterprise management system:

  • through innovative interface solutions the management system can be connected with any existing IT framework with API.
  • the system allows an integration of various company and third-party data into one scheme, e. g. for analytical or reporting reasons.
  • in its basic version, the system provides a substantial compilation of standard features. Additionally, it can be developed in a modular way where each moduleis tailor-made for the respective company’s organizational environment to best match the actual needs.
  • through an automated software coding, the time gap between software modelling and prototype development can be reduced considerably and save Costs.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Challenges

.CPC developed the ‘flight simulators for the office’. The use of the simulator makes a high-speed change possible through substantially speeding-up the learning effect of the people involved in the transformation. This approach saves time and reduces costs for implementation. It is at the forefront of digital transformation.

Participants were able to experience high-speed change and digital transformation vivid and up-close.

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